Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Time Fishing!!

I don't know what started the obsession but Liza and Jason were hooked on the idea of going fishing... for real. They play fishing at home by tying strings around all their stuffed animals. Then they build boats (laundry baskets or random boxes) and sit in the middle of a room holding their strings with their "fish" on them. But they decided it was time to do the real thing and Papa Mike was the one to take them.

We went to a park with a small pond. Liza started fishing with Papa and Jason went with Uncle Matt. As soon as my dad put bait on the hook and cast the line something was biting. Oh the excitement! Liza was really into it. Jason was a little more reserved. But they both loved it! And they caught lots of fish during their hour of fishing!

IMG_5508 copy

IMG_5512 copy

IMG_5515 copy

First Catch!
IMG_5518 copy

Jason caught one!
 IMG_5521 copy

IMG_5524 copy

IMG_5529 copy

IMG_5531 copy

IMG_5537 copy

IMG_5546 copy

My brother Dave and his kids met up with us.
IMG_5547 copy

IMG_5554 copy

IMG_5561 copy

IMG_5567 copy

IMG_5572 copy

IMG_5576 copy

IMG_5580 copy

We had a really great time fishing and my dad was the perfect person for Liza and Jason's first fishing experience! It couldn't have gone better!

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