Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make a Hooded Towel for a Big Kid

We love hooded towels!! I had seen some tutorials on Pinterest a while back and gave one a try. Just a step or two into it I decided it wasn't quite what I wanted. Someone had given us hooded towels for the kids probably two years ago now so I decided to pull those out and see if I could figure out how they were made... and I DID figure it out!

I love these hooded towels because the hood is BIG! My four and five year old love them and the towels will work for several more years. I actually might make a set for our swimming days at the lake this year... the kids are asking for them!

Anyways... it is REALLY simple to make an awesome hooded towel.

*Sewing machine and the typical stuff that goes with it (thread, straight pins, etc.)
*Large bath towel
*Hand towel

1. Fold the hand towel in half.

IMG_3372-001 copy



That's it! Hooded towels!!

IMG_3383 1

IMG_3387 1 copy

Go make some!

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