Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buying a House

Ok... so...

I'm buying a house! THE house. The one I've wanted since I first walked in to it. The one that instantly felt like home. Although it may have felt like home so quickly because it was quite similar to the home I grew up in. Either way... I've been dreaming of it ever since! Dreams in my sleep and dreams in my heart. I love this house!

So here's what happened...

Two Wednesdays ago we decided we were buying the house. We went to our realtor's office and signed and initialed and signed and initialed. We made our offer.

Seller countered.

We said no thanks and came back with another offer.

Seller was going to accept and then realized that she actually couldn't sell it for any less than the asking price because the asking price is what she owed. Selling it for less would make it a short sale meaning lots more time, lots more paper work and she wouldn't be able to buy a house for the next five years and she didn't want to do that.

I was upset. Actually I was quite angry. I cried. We had spent 24 hours negotiating price just to find out that the price was not negotiable. The price was also just slightly above what we felt was comfortable for us. Not much... but just enough to make me say "Whoa! Not so sure about that."

We prayed and we prayed and we prayed. My attitude began to change and I was no longer angry as I realized that the seller was probably just as disappointed as we were. She's been trying to sell the house for a year. We continued to pray. We talked to the mortgage guy who helped us make sense of all the numbers. We prayed some more.

Something started shifting in my heart. I still felt like this was to be our house and the longer I prayed the more I was certain that we were to just go ahead and pay asking price and get the house. Mike felt the same.

Sunday we called our realtor and said "we want to buy it."

Late Sunday night we heard back from our realtor... we wouldn't have an answer till sometime the next day because the seller works 18 hour shifts on the weekends. And so I waited and waited and waited on Monday for the phone to ring. Finally we got the call. Everything was good.

We had to sign some new papers and were able to do that through emails. We were then waiting for the seller to sign so that the sales agreement would be official. We should have known about that yesterday but after waiting and waiting for information from our realtor I told Mike to give her a call. Turns out a huge storm went through her area the day before and her office had no power. So we waited some more.

Mike called her today and she said everything is good!! Water tests are being done today and we are scheduling the home inspection!

If everything is good we should be home owners by the end of August!!

Wooo hoooooooooooooo!

I'm soooo ridiculously pumped!

I'll share more about the house and all that's involved in home buying as we go. If you get tired of reading about it all then just skip those posts. :)

Woo hooooooooooo!

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