Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home Inspection

Today we finally had the home inspection. Holy overwhelming!


So I follow this guy around the house for an hour and a half. He's looking at everything, has his flashlight out and his camera. He's snapping pictures and looking and snapping pictures and looking. He was nice and answered all kinds of questions but honestly... most of the time I was just a dumb girl. My head feels so heavy right now. Trying to understand things that I don't really want to understand is never fun.

Kind of like when Mike starts talking about cars. It's a trigger that switches my brain to off. No matter how hard I try to pay attention I just can't.

So yes, I left the home inspection feeling a little overwhelmed.

The good news is that there is really nothing major that is an issue. But because their job is to be picky and look at everything I now have a list of things I will eventually want to update.

Here's the weirdest thing of it all...

When we first went to look at the house I was IN LOVE. Immediately. Now... I'm still in love with the house but I'm seeing it through eyes that say "this is MY house" and right now it looks nothing like my house. So I was being a bit more picky this time as well.

All that trim that I thought was white... yeah. It's cream. I have sooooo much painting to do. So much.

Oh... and people always talk about the importance of staging your house for sale? Doooo it! There was definitely some extra things out this time that were NOT out when we went to look the first time. Definitely makes a difference. Things as simple as taking your table cloth off the table can make a huge difference. Or just removing one small piece of furniture. Pretty sure this lady had some good advice for showing her house. And if you aren't good at that kind of thing I know some professionals that would be happy to help you. (That is for the people who live in my area of course!)

Anyways... I feel like this is all jumbled and not making much sense. So here's the short....

Home inspection done.
No big issues.
Just lots of little things that come with buying an old house.

And now I'm going to go read a book that takes me to a place that I don't have to be concerned about because this day has been looooong... started with cleaning a closet out at church. (I feel like I've been cleaning closets for months. Moving is for the birds.) Then I sold some more baby clothes. (Hooray for getting rid of those and making some money!!) Then I cleaned my house. (It needed it.) After that was the home inspection. (Bang my head off the floor.)  Home just in time to get the kids to VBS. (Thank you Jesus for the breaks I get this week!) And while the kids were there I met with my friend Amy to work out some details for Butler Praise and Coffee.

I have a feeling that this will be the pace of my life through September. I can not wait for October! Don't ask me to do anything. The answer is already no.


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