Monday, July 23, 2012

House: Paint?

We have a closing date of August 29th... that is also the firs day of school. Should be an interesting time. We are getting things done on "the checklist" and Thursday I'll get to go back inside my house when we have the inspection. I haven't seen it for about a month. That would be the first time we checked it out. I loved it. Mike thought about it for two weeks and went to see it again. I stayed home. I already knew that I loved it and didn't need to look at it again to decide the same thing. Probably a week later we put the offer in and it took us a week to come to an agreement with that.

And that leaves me here dreaming of paint colors and carpet and how I am going to make it all mine... because in 9 1/2 years of being married and renting I have never painted a wall. I have never decorated a house much beyond the basics. I don't hang pictures and I make my own curtains. I've always said I was saving it all up for when I buy a house... and now I'm ready to go!

Saturday night we had a babysitter so we went out for dinner and then headed to home depot to look at paint colors. Here is how the living room currently looks...


While that green is a nice color it is also the first thing that will be changed once I get my keys to the house. I have lived in a dark house for the past 5 years... brown paneling plus living in the woods... Dark. I don't want dark anymore. Plus... that green on the ceiling will mean that I can't use my external flash for indoor pics. It would pick up that color and cast it into every photo I took.

Yes, I consider photography when looking at paint colors.

I actually want the walls to be a really light tan. And the ceiling white. The living room, dining room and stairs are all currently green.


We will leave all the trim white. I need to find the exact color that the current owner used so that we can match it for any touchups. I hope she knows the white she used!

The color of the bathroom wall is kind of close to what I have in mind.


The colors in the master bedroom and kitchen are the same. They aren't bad but I will probably end up just doing them the same color as the downstairs. I'm plain like that. I'll add my color with curtains and decorations.


This next room will be Liza's. She REALLY wants to keep it purple but I just am having a hard time with the color that is in there. I'm thinking maybe we can reach a compromise and come up with a really really light purple. I'm working on finding that perfect color... but it's so hard when you only get to see a little square of it!


 Jason's room is white and will probably stay that way for a while. It's the only room with paneling and I'm guessing that will be different to paint... even though it's already painted? Who knows. We'll get to it someday... and maybe we'll even be able to take down the paneling and put up drywall. That would make me happy!

Anyways... I guess the whole point of this is to ask you all what your painting tips are? Do you have a horror story? What brand of paint is awesome? What sheen do you love or hate? Did you do something that I should absolutely avoid?? Have you painted paneling?

Remember... I've never painted walls before and I'm about to conquer an entire house in a little over a month! Educate me!!

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