Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liza's Prayer

I actually wrote this post a while ago and I have no idea why I didn't get it posted... but it's too good to just delete and I figure better late than never. :)


The other day Jason wasn't feeling well. He had a cold. He told me his nose hurt so I asked Liza to pray for him before bedtime. She was kind of uncomfortable because she didn't want us to listen. Mike and I stepped out of the room and Liza and Jason started negotiating. They decided that Liza would pray for Jason along with some other things and Jason would plug his ears so he couldn't hear her. And that's when I heard her say her sweet little prayer...

"God, help me find a good man with a good heart that loves you a whole whole lot. And keep him safe until I'm all grown up. Amen."

And then she prayed for Jason to get better.

And Mike and I stood outside her door, our hearts bursting with love.

I posted Liza's prayer on facebook and got a lot of response to it. Good response. And that's when I decided I needed to share about how we got to the place that my 5 1/2 year old is praying for her future husband.

You see... Liza looooves the idea of falling in love and growing up and getting married and having a family. She talks about these things. She doodles "Liza and Ashton in love" all over her notebooks. Liza loves LOVE.

It eats Mike up to think about his baby girl growing up and getting married. I can see it on his face when she talks about it. :) He's getting better though.

When Liza talks about these things I figure we have a few options.
1. We can do what many many people do (and understandably so) and say something along the lines of "you are never getting married" or "You aren't even allowed to date until you are 30!"
2. We can completely ignore it.
3. We can talk to her about it and help her to learn what's right and what's not.

I didn't want to go the "you are never getting married" route because this is a such a big dream in Liza's heart already. I don't want to crush her spirit and disappoint her with something that isn't true. The reality is that she will most likely grow up and get married.

So we talk about it.

Not too long ago Liza actually watched all six hours of Pride and Prejudice with me (over two days) and she just loved it a lot. When I asked her why she said "because they get in love!" And then we talked more about love and she was talking about getting married. That's when I said "That's right Liza! You are going to grow up and meet a great guy and fall in love and marry him! That's a long time away though so what you can start doing now is praying for that guy. You pray that God lets you know when you meet the right guy. Pray for that guy that he will be a good man with a good heart. And pray that he will love God a whooooole lot! Those are really important things. And you can pray that God keeps him safe for you too."

Ever since, Liza has been praying for her future husband.

My hope is that these ideas will sink in. That she will wait for God to let her know who the right one is so that she doesn't have to waste her heart on several wrong guys first. I hope that she will just grow up knowing that a guy who doesn't love the Lord isn't the guy for her. I hope that she will be able to recognize a good heart.

I want nothing less for my little princess.

Don't ignore important topics because your heart aches at the thought of them growing up. We are to train up our children and if we wait until they are fifteen and thinking they are in love to start talking about dating and love and all that stuff... well it's probably too late. They will have formed thoughts without you by that time.

Talk to your children!

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