Friday, July 13, 2012

My Life Lately

Wow! What. A. Week!! Craziness all around this place.

I can't even remember what was going on at the beginning of it. Well it started with Bible study on Monday. I only know that because I have Bible study every Monday evening during the summer. We are doing the book Becoming a Woman of Excellence by Cynthia Heald. It's excellent! :) The past two chapters were challenging... surrender and obedience. The next chapter is discipline. Yeah... I have my "workin' on it list" going. 

Mike has been home a lot the past two weeks (and probably will be next week as well.) Work is really slow this summer for who knows what reason. But he's home. That meant he was able to come with me and the kids on the MOPS field trip to a dairy farm on Wednesday.

IMG_8393 copy

After that we went to our realtors office to sign our life away because we were making an offer on a house. That situation got all kinds of complicated and nothing has been settled yet. I'm not really sure what we are going to do from here. I just feel like God is saying "Just wait and see..." So we are waiting and hopefully soon we will be seeing. :)

I spent most of Friday getting things ready for a garage sale. Jason and Liza spent the day at their grandparents so that Mike and I could get all kinds of work done. Jason came home with a plain band-aid on his head. He got a teensy tiny scratch. Shortly after he got home he disappeared and next time I saw him he looked like this...

100_6875 copy

He decided that he needed one of his cool band-aids.

Liza decided she wanted her picture taken too.

100_6880 copy

I just love my kids to pieces!

Friday night I had a photo shoot with these two lovely ladies. They have a business where they help organize people's homes or stage them for the selling process. They wanted some pictures for their website.

IMG_8556 copy

This morning I woke up at 6:50 am and was out the door at 7:30 to pick up tables from a friend and get my garage sale set up at my other friend's house. So thankful that she agreed to have a sale together because I can't have one where I live... it would be a disaster with a gazillion accidents and angry, road-raging drivers. Anyways... start time was 9am. I made it that because I knew people would come early. First person dropped by at 8:15. What!?! 

100_6887 1

It was a successful day!! I also set up a table right where they paid with information on Butler Praise and Coffee, my crocheted hats and Mike's book. I have some new "fans" on my facebook page and I sold four of Mike's books. I joked that it was my "impulse buy" shelf like they have at the checkouts in stores. I'm a genius like that.

I have a TON of clothes left to sell and am hoping that the rain holds off for us tomorrow because I wouldn't mind making more money!

In the middle of all that I have been trying to keep up with orders at Wix-Works. Trying to find the time to crochet some days is quite a challenge.

I've also been editing pictures.

Bladen turned one... (for the new readers... I've been taking his pictures since his mama (my friend) was pregnant.)

IMG_7777 copy

And I'm trying to finish up pics from my friend Bettina's wedding. Need to get those done soon!

IMG_7984 copy

I'd like to disappear for a week but I can't. More hats to make. More pictures to edit. And possibly more pictures to take. Whew! Sometime along the way of life I became a working mom!!

And that's my life lately. Will it ever slow down again???

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