Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paint Tips

Wow! You guys are GREAT! Thank you so much for all the tips on painting! I knew I could count on you. Seriously! Mike had all kinds of questions and was trying to figure things out and I said "give me a day. I'll ask my blog peeps! They won't let me down."

Here is the list of all the advice:

  • Painting the walls all the same neutral color actually makes it look bigger and more open than it is. (Sounds good to me!!)
  • My friend Kim has dark walls and is bummed because they don't photograph well. I will learn from her!
  • Paneling drinks up paint like crazy. (Still need to figure out what to do about that but i'm really leaning toward just getting rid of the paneling.)
  • Semi-gloss is good... especially if you have kids with messy little fingers because the semi-gloss is easy to wipe off. Flat, not so much. (Best advice! Thank you so much to those of you who mentioned this. I would have never thought of that!)
  • Cut in on the wall and then paint the middle. Use and angled brush for the cutting.
  • Always make your strokes go up and down.
  • Cover the floor!
  • Primer first, especially if changing color. (And not the paints with primer mixed in.)
  • Taping off is a pain and often doesn't work well so it will probably be best for me to just get used to cutting in without the tape.
  • Lots of you suggested Behr paint which makes me happy because that is what I was looking at.

I feel so much better now. :) I feel educated... at a least a little bit. I just want to be completely prepared because I won't have a lot of time to paint the entire house. I just need to go in and get it done. (Hopefully I'll have a team of people to help!) There is a lot of wall/ceiling to cover! And I want to do it well and be happy with the work in the end. 

I found this website on Pinterest that has tips from a professional painter. I also found the article to be extremely informative and helpful.

Sad note... we have to put the inspection off till next week so I won't get to go into the house this Thursday like we had planned. I've been so looking forward to that and I don't like waiting. I guess we are waiting on the water test results. The person who gives the report is on vacation and our realtor suggested we wait on that because she would hate for us to spend money on inspection if there is a problem with the water that needs fixed before anything else can happen. It makes sense... but could people just stop taking vacations!!?? Don't they know I'm trying to buy a house!?

Pray for us please! There are some other things that need to get ironed out... like my credit report showing that I'm delinquent or something. Apparently the university says I still owe it $1300 even though I never missed a payment, payed it off extremely early, have a letter saying it's paid in full and have never received any word from them since the letter of paid in full. I'm confused. Mike has a list of phone calls to make on his lunch break today.

We know without a doubt that this is our house and God has a plan for us. The house is a tool and ministry will flow out of it for the next several years. Please pray with us that every obstacle would be demolished and removed and that we would get in our house soon!

In the meantime I figure I should start exercising again because just thinking of all the painting that needs done makes my muscles ache. I figure it will less painful if I start using them a little now? Any creative exercises that mimic the painting motions???

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