Saturday, July 21, 2012

Praise and Coffee Night

Last Thursday we had our first Butler Praise and Coffee Night!! We've had two meetings before this and they were both in the mornings. I love our morning meetings but Amy and I decided that we needed to have meetings monthly instead of every other month. So we tried out a night and it was wonderful!!

This is me and Amy... co-founders of Butler Praise and Coffee!!

IMG_8797 copy

Ladies started arriving around 7:00 and we mixed, mingled and made new friends for a little while. We transitioned into our sharing time with my new favorite song... Only a God Like You by Tommy Walker. It gets me pumped up and I've been listening to it on repeat all week.

Then 15 women sat around a table sharing how God has redeemed hopeless situations, restored broken hearts, rebuilt marriages and families, and rewarded his daughters for faithfully following Him! My heart was just overflowing with love for these women! They are amazing and beautiful!

IMG_8802 copy

IMG_8803 copy

I loved this meeting because it was really different from our morning meetings... which is what we were going for... variety. To be able to sit in a safe environment with so many great people and share the deepest things in our hearts and encourage each other... hard to beat!

We ended the night with a time of praying for each other and some more fellowship.

 IMG_8808 copy

I left encouraged and excited. After hearing about His grace and love and power in the lives of others there is absolutely no doubt at all in my mind or heart that God. Is. Good!

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