Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take Your Own Pinterest Style Pictures

Lots of people want the pictures but can't afford them. I've had several people say something along the lines of "I want to take my own pinterest style pictures." Mine might not look quite like the pros or be 100% technically correct but I've learned some things along the way. 

I wanted to share with you some of things that I do during a photo shoot. Keep in mind that I am not a professional. I do not have a studio. I simply started taking pictures of my kids as they grew and before I knew it I was being asked by others to take pictures of their kids. I started collecting a few things here and there but I have such little space for storage (that's soon to change when I move into my new house!!!) that I haven't been able to buy much as far as props go. But I'm still able to do plenty and get some nice pictures for people.

I used to just throw a blanket over a chair or the couch... or I would have some lucky person hold it up for me.

Then I got smart and made myself a portable, adjustable backdrop holder out of pvc pipe. (Actually I had my hunky husband make it for me.) It cost me about $10 and has come in sooo handy! I cut 1 foot, 2 foot and 3 foot pieces. I then put it together for whatever size I need for the shoot and pin a blanket over the top. (Someday I'll have real backdrops... until then I'll keep buying blankets to use at home that will also work well for photography. :))

Here is my backdrop holder...

IMG_8777 copy

This is how I set up for my most recent shoot...

IMG_8775 1

We happened to have a good, overcast morning so we stayed outside. Normally I set up inside.

(Don't want to bother with the whole pvc pipe thing?? Just turn a chair or your couch around and drape your blanket. Gives you lots of space to work with a little one.)

Get some fun props and go for it! (Natural light is best so if you are inside try to get by a window.)

For this picture I put a boppy pillow under the blanket. Charlotte wasn't fully sitting on her own and needed the support. I put it UNDER the blanket so it wouldn't show up in any pictures.

IMG_8666 copy

Tutu. Pearls. Flower.

For this one we actually have a boppy seat under the blanket...

 IMG_8716 copybw

This is what it was looking like...


So it might not all be as seamless as the pros... but these are things that most mamas have and can use and you can still get some really nice shots.

Hats and soft blankets always look amazing with newborns!

IMG_5888 1

IMG_5930 copy

For the last two pictures I used a beanbag under the blanket. It's nice and cozy for baby.

Just start grabbing whatever you have around the house. (But always remember baby's safety first!)

IMG_6349 copy-1

IMG_4089 copy

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I love helping others so let me know if you have any questions!

What have you used to get fun pictures of your kids?

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