Thursday, August 30, 2012

House Cleaning...

I woke up this morning, got Liza ready for school, packed the kids in the car along with all of our outdoor toys and headed to the new house. Walked Liza to school, got Jason's toys set up in the yard and then decided to get ready to do some cleaning.

Turned the water on... nothing!

Can't really clean without water.

I had called the water company two days ago to get it put in my name. They said no problem and they would send someone over to read the meter and get me set. (Or something like that.) We were at the house yesterday and had water.

So there I am... a girl who has been able to call maintenance for the past 9 1/2 years to fix my problems and now I am on my own.

Thankfully I had a phone since my wonderful friend Kim let me borrow an old one that had lots of minutes left on it. But I didn't have a phone book. I could have run home but Kim was on her way and I didn't have her number. (Although after I thought about it I figured I probably DID have her number somewhere in that cell phone.)

I was feeling a little helpless. But then I saw the neighbor outside! Have I mentioned how wonderful our neighbor is?? He has been sooooo incredibly helpful for us the past two days. He got the phone number I needed and told me that he saw someone from the water company at the house earlier in the morning. (Important information!!)

I made my call and they said everything should be on because it was never turned off. "Check all the valves and make sure they are open." Ok. Problem... I had no idea where the valves were! Kim was at the house by this point and she helped me out. But I ended up having to ask the neighbor for help AGAIN. He looked at the valves, said "everything is on. I bet the guy turned it off this morning."

Called the water company again, told them what was up. Real nice lady on the phone. After talking for a minute she said "We'll just treat this as an emergency and will have someone out soon to figure this out." In the meantime nice neighbor brought his hose around so we could fill up buckets and get started. Shortly after that water person came and said that the water did in fact get turned off that morning but should now be on again. I was just excited to have water.

Of course I have no hot water yet since I didn't get the gas turned on. I'll do that tomorrow I guess. Hot water would be nice. We boiled some to add to the cleaning water. A little old school but it worked.

And then we set to cleaning!

I mentioned that my WONDERFUL FRIEND KIM came over to help. She was there for hours and was soooo helpful! I told her I would have been on the floor crying that the work would never get done if I had had to do it all by myself.

IMG_9727 copy

We got most of the downstairs done... I hate cleaning kitchens! Tomorrow we'll tackle the upstairs. Should go much faster since it doesn't have a kitchen. But oh! People! Cat hair! Gag. I gag easily and hair always gets me. Cat hair everywhere. (You would probably laugh at me because really it wasn't horrible but it was there... everywhere.) In the fridge. That grossed me out so much! I have a feeling I'll be finding random cat hairs in the house for a long time. :(

Liza and Jason jumped in and cleaned some walls too! They were so cute and Kim was thinking quick and grabbed my camera and snapped some shots for me.

IMG_9718 copy

IMG_9720 copy

IMG_9721 copy

 IMG_9723 copy

IMG_9732 copy

Some time while we were cleaning my new friends Pauline and Priscilla stopped by to give me a little house warming gift...

IMG_9715 copy

It's a mug that says WISDOM!!! They were at the meeting two weekends ago when I spoke on wisdom. They said they saw it in the store and just had to get it for me. I told them it will be perfect for my mornings of sipping tea on my sun porch!

So thoughtful. Between the two of them and Kim... I was so blessed today! I love friends! And good neighbors!

Tomorrow I'm back at the house cleaning some more. We invited family and friends to join us at the new (but still empty) house tomorrow evening for a time of prayer as we dedicate our house to God and His purposes. I'm excited!

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