Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liza's First Day of Kindergarten!

Oh my! This girl!!! She was just so excited about her first day of school... with a little bit of nervousness mixed in the past few days. But this morning there were no more nerves. She woke up wondering how long until she got to go to school.

Actually... I woke her up. :)

That special breakfast... she told me two weeks ago she wanted a special breakfast on her first day of school so I was all "ok. So what would be special? Pancakes? Waffles?" You know... things were rarely have. Nope. She wanted special cereal. Something sugary since we only ever buy flakes, cheerios, kix and rice krispies. This was her request...

IMG_9676 copy

IMG_9679 copy

She insisted on having breakfast in her princess bowl.

IMG_9683 copy

IMG_9690 copy

IMG_9698 copy

She was such a big girl when I dropped her off. Walked right in her room, gave me a hug and she was off. Jason and I hung out for a while. It was different. I realized it was really quiet. I missed her giggles. But it was sweet having some time with just Jason... but I'm pretty sure he missed his big sister too!

We picked her up and she was just so excited! She said she wanted to go again tomorrow. That's a good thing... you know... because she is going to have to go again tomorrow. :)

I go a little video with her again before she went to bed. Here is her thoughts on her day...

I just love her so much!!

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