Thursday, August 30, 2012

Purely for Your Entertainment

So many of you left sweet comments about how much you enjoyed the videos of Liza on her first day of kindergarten. I decided to share some more videos from today. :)

I got some new music recently after some recommendations from this awesome blogger. Good, upbeat Christian music. Just what I've been looking for for like EVER. Thank you Amy!

We had a long day of cleaning today and after dinner I decided to turn on some music which of course led to a family dance party in the living room. Eventually Liza started playing her air guitar and head banging. I asked her where she learned that and she said "I don't know. I saw it on a movie." Of course Jason had to join in as well.

I think the videos are hilarious. Maybe you won't because you aren't their mom but I figure at least the grandparents will enjoy them so here they are. :)

I just want to say Jason at :34 in... awesome!


Pretty sure that if Liza grows up to be a singer and gets on American Idol season 27 that this will be the video that gets played when they ask about "when did you start singing?" Someday I'm gonna be a rockstart! Said at 23 days before she turned six. History. She'll be the girl rocker. Watch for her.

Here is the end of the song. I don't know why I stopped and started again but I did.

I love my life! The entertainment is awesome!

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