Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Bought A House!*

I'm not sure I have enough energy to even think through an entire blog post at the moment but I'm going to try. If I make it I might move on to post number two and post number three that need to happen today.

Last night my phone quit working completely. Great timing! NOT!! And we had 30 minutes left on our cell phone. Not good. Still haven't sorted the phone situation yet but my wonderful friend Kim is letting me use an old phone she had that still has some minutes on it to get us through the next day or two. Good friends are such a treasure!!

I went to bed hoping no one needed anything else for the house situation.

I woke up this morning, got Liza and Jason ready and headed out to take Liza to her first day of Kindergarten! (More on that later... Liza's first day of school ever is deserving of it's own post!)

Jason and I hung out for the morning. We picked Liza up, came home, ate lunch and Mike's mom came to watch the kids so we could go do the final walk through and head to the closing. Problem was that we showed up for the final walk through at the time we were told to be there and the neighbor told us we just missed the (seller's) realtor. She had a different time. Ugh!

And we only had 16 minutes left on our phone at this time!

Thankfully we have a wonderful neighbor at the new house who let us use his phone and we got the realtor to come back. Walked through the house... it felt really good!! This is a good home for us!

And then we were off to the closing... we were actually buying a house!!

101_9713 copy

101_9717 copy

Our realtor's office was 40 minutes away so we just enjoyed the drive and talked about life. And then we were there, ready to get this done!

 101_9719 copy
(Fuzzy pic... oh well!)

They started by going over all the money. When they said the total (which I already knew) and then asked if we had any questions I slid the paper back across the table and said "I'm done!" I couldn't think anymore. After that I just followed Mike and did what I was told... I signed my name and signed my name and signed my name. I was getting close to having an artistically scribbled signature by the end.

After signing a fat stack of papers and my brain passing the mush stage they said "well, the only thing left is money from you." Mike pulls out the checkbook and lawyer lady says "oh... didn't they tell you that you needed certified money?"

Nope. No one has been telling us anything! *Bang my head off the table.*
(Mike just checked his email... apparently there was one telling us about this that came through less than 45 minutes before we had to go to the walk through. geez.)

So we were off to the bank to get a cashier's check and spend ALL our money. This is how we felt about that...

101_9722 copy

Went back, check in hand and sealed the deal!!

I'm now a home owner! But I haven't been back to the house yet. I'm too tired. We'll take down some cleaning supplies tonight before I head to a meeting to get Jason signed up for his program (just remembered that I have that). Tomorrow the work starts... but this feels like the easy part because finally I am in control instead of having to trust people I don't even know to do everything while being clueless.

I don't feel so stressed anymore. I'm ready to conquer the house, make it mine and move in! I'll show you the house after I actually get back there.

(And while I wrote this the phone got fixed!! Woo hoo!)

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