Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Visit With My Family

Last week I asked you why their hands were grey...

IMG_9819 copy

And how long it took to have hands this prune-y...

IMG_9844 1

I'll get to the answers to those questions in the story of this post.

Last weekend both of my sisters were at my parent's house. That is two hours away but considering that they have both been living in Florida and I only get to see them about once a year... two hours is close. I was all in the middle of house stuff but decided to take a day trip and visit with family... it was worth it!

IMG_9889 copy

Lisa still lives in Florida. Linda just moved to Maryland and is now only five hours away. Yay!

IMG_9890 copy

Me, Mike and the kids woke up early and headed out. As we began the drive...

ME: Road trip!
LIZA: Yeah. Not a grass trip!
JASON: Or a tree trip!

We got to mom and dad's and the cousins started playing. After lunch they wanted to go swimming but the water was too cold. They insisted that Grandma put some hot water in it while they waited.

IMG_9791 copy

IMG_9793 copy

I'm glad that my mom warmed it up because the kids played in the water all afternoon.

IMG_9800 copy

IMG_9802 copy

While the kids played the adults played too...

IMG_9816 copy

And then things started getting messy.

There was chalk and it was discovered by the little ones that wet chalk can be a lot of fun.

IMG_9817 copy

And that's how you get hands that look like this... wet chalk of all different colors mixed together...

IMG_9823 copy

IMG_9824 copy

The girls continued with the chalk while Jason hung out in the pool.

IMG_9827 copy

IMG_9837 copy

After several washings of chalk hands the water started looking like this...

IMG_9841 copy

I realized a lot of time had gone by and none of the kids had gone to the bathroom.

ME: It's been a while and the kids haven't peed. I bet there's lots in the pool.
LIZA: I peed in the pool a while ago.
ME: Liza! We don't pee in the pool!
LIZA: Well I did it before.
ME: That was at the lake. Don't pee in pools!
LIZA: Well at least I made more water!

The kids were in the water from probably noon till around 4:30. That's how Jason's hands ended up looking so ridiculous.

We had dinner and then had to say goodbye and make the trip back home. I think the kids were pretty sure that they didn't have enough time together.

 IMG_9866 copy

IMG_9874 copy

IMG_9903 copy

IMG_9908 copy

And that's my way too short visit with some of my family last weekend. I love my family!

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