Friday, September 21, 2012

A Week of Crazy

Let's start somewhere in the middle of last week.

I had a message from the school nurse to stop in because she needed to share something with me. I hate vague messages like that. I spent all night wondering what it was. Are they changing their mind and ready to give me a hard time about not getting Liza her shots? Did we do something wrong?

Nope. She just wanted to let me know that someone in Liza's class had a sibling that had whooping cough so Liza was likely exposed. They remembered that she didn't have all her shots and wanted to give me a heads up. I was told to watch for runny nose and coughing... cold symptoms... and sent on my way.

I wasn't concerned at all.

Until Saturday... My MIL had the kids overnight so we could move. Mid-afternoon she brought the kids back. Liza walked in the door... and coughed!

Oh no! I didn't know what to do. I did some research online to learn about whooping cough. The first stage can last several days to two weeks and it's a runny nose and mild cough sometimes accompanied by a low fever or watery eyes.

GREAT. Really. Just. Great.

I called the on call doctor because the office is closed on Saturday nights. They said I should probably just have her tested for it. So Sunday morning we headed into the emergency room to get some tests done. And let me just tell ya now... this is the first time in six years that I have gone to the doctor/hospital for anything other than a well visit for the kids. This trip to the ER reminded me why I don't... some doctors are complete idiots. (I think doctors in general are good and do a lot of good and people should continue becoming doctors.)

We saw several nurses who asked questions and we kept mentioning that she was not up to date on shots and that she was exposed to whooping cough and now has a runny nose and cough. We just wanted her tested so I could send her back to school without worrying about infecting everyone and having them direct their hate at the non-vaxer... I was going to be a responsible non-vaxer.

DOCTOR: *in derogatory voice* Why did you stop getting her shots?
ME: Because that's what I decided to do.
DOCTOR: Why did you decide to do that?
ME: Because that's what I decided to do.

He dropped it. And good thing because I just planned to repeat myself. I knew that he would not understand my explanation so I just left it at "because that's what I decided to do."

After checking her out...

DOCTOR: I don't even think we test for whooping cough here.
ME: *ready to bang my head off the floor at this point* And where CAN I get tested for that?
DOCTOR: I don't know. I'm not even sure how they test for it.
ME: You take a swab from her nose, send it to a lab and they check for the bacteria that causes whooping cough.
DOCTOR: Hang on. Let me talk to another doctor to get another opinion.

Several minutes later we hear the doctor and nurse outside our room...

DOCTOR: Just take a swab.
NURSE: I don't even know what I'm doing.
DOCTOR: Just swab her nose.

Yeah... didn't really want to hear that conversation. There was more. Nothing reassuring.

Nurse swabs Liza's nose... a traumatizing experience for all of us and we are discharged. What a morning!! The only thing left to do was wait for results... from a lab in California. I kept the kids home from everything this week because I was waiting on the results. By Wednesday night I was all "screw this. Pretty sure she just has a cold." But I just couldn't send her to school.

FINALLY after I called Thursday (I called every day) the doctors had some results for me... no whooping cough detected.

Life back to normal.

Liza went to school today...

...and came home with a note that someone in her class has lice.

I'm kinda sorta glad that I kept her home this week!!

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