Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Answer to Pop Quiz 2

I asked if you knew what this was and what it's purpose would be...

IMG_9936 copy

The answer...

It's a 4" test plug and it is in the middle of my basement floor and it is SUPER IMPORTANT!

You see... it plugs up the floor. If it rains and I do not have the plug in the water will come up into the basement. Yikes!

But here is where it gets tricky... it is also where my washing machine will drain!

The washer drains into the utility sink and the utility sink drains through a bunch of pvc pipe which runs to the plug. I must remove the plug when I use the washer and sink!

IMG_9937 1

I can't do laundry when it's raining.

And I'm sure it will take a few good rain storms and me sitting on the basement steps staring at the plug in the floor before I can sleep well at night. And I think I'll post signs all over my house to remind me to remove the plug when I start the laundry so I don't flood my basement with that water! And also reminders to re-plug the floor when the laundry is done.

Hopefully I never have to write a post about the disaster I made because I forgot to unplug the floor when doing a load of wash!

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