Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brady and Marissa... Married!

A few months ago my cousin Brady called me... He was getting married in September and needed a photographer. Would I take the job?

I knew I'd be crazy with moving but I figured:
1. He's my cousin. I'll probably be going to the wedding anyways.
2. I really like photographing weddings.
3. I could use the money to buy the paint for my new house.

I accepted the job.

Friday afternoon we headed to my parent's house. We spent the night there and went to the wedding on Saturday. Mike was my assistant (or equipment carrier) for the day and mom and dad helped a TON with the kids. It took a team to make it possible for me to photograph this wedding.

Saturday afternoon Mike and I drove through the mountains of PA into the middle of nowhere. It was a gorgeous day!

100_9791 copy

100_9790 copy

The ceremony was at a cute little church just across the road from where Marissa grew up.

IMG_0130 copy

Marissa was absolutely stunning! Her dress was gorgeous!

IMG_0236 copy

There was a threat of rain all day but it held off for us and only rained during the half hour drive from the church to the reception. Perfect timing! Well... I guess it also rained a good bit after we were inside for dinner. Again... perfect timing! 

Things were wet but we made it work. I had read a tip somewhere on the internet a while ago... take a sheet or garbage bags so they can sit if things are wet or dirty. I was ready with white garbage bags for the bride and black for the groom... we needed them!

IMG_0242 copy

Their reception was at a golf course in the mountains in the middle of nowhere PA. Beautiful!!!

IMG_0279 copy

IMG_0293 copy

 IMG_0315 copy

 IMG_0489 copy

IMG_0398 copybw

It was a great day! Lots of family, fun and dancing! These are just a few of my favorite pics from my first scroll through. It was a good photography day for me and I had a couple of situations come up that forced me to learn something new. Good day all around!

We drove home after the wedding. Got home just before 1am. I am soooo incredibly exhausted today. I could fall asleep right here on the booth seat at Panera. I think I'll go home instead and sleep on the couch during the Steelers game. Pretty sure a full week of sleep would be good for me!

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