Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Meeee!

Today... today I am 33 big years old. And I'm ok with that. :)

I'm also pretty sure that the world is celebrating.

1. Mike didn't have to work. That's a good thing because my rule for myself on my birthday is no cooking and cleaning. Also, if Mike is home I add to that not having parenting responsibilities either. He gets to do it all and I get a real day off.

2. I had Bible study this morning. On my birthday. Happy birthday to me!!! because I just LOVE Tuesday morning Bible studies. :)

3. I had lunch at Panera. By myself. On a giftcard. With $2 off my U Pick 2. Woo hoo!

4. People are randomly giving me cards and gifts. I have great friends!

5. I got to do a photo shoot today and the weather was perfect for me! Thank you clouds for being just right at just the right time.

 IMG_9912 copy

6. I got home from the photo shoot and grabbed the mail. Our landlord sent a check for the refund on ten days of rent and our security deposit. We got the full deposit back!!! It was low because we paid it seven years ago when we first rented one of her two bedroom townhouses and when we moved to her three bedroom the security deposit was just transferred to the new lease. Seven and a half years and two kids later and we got the full $450 back! That plus the rent return equaled one month of rent. I was happy!

7. Also in the mail was a bill for Armstrong saying we owed them close to $100. Mike was pretty sure that was a mistake because we returned their box thingy so we should not have been charged. He called the company and they were all "oh. Ok. You can just discard that and actually we owe you money so be looking for that check in the mail." :)

8. Mike cooked lasagna. We've been eating easy meals for a while now and I am just dying for real meals. Lasagna sounds really good! I'm at the library at the moment because if I stayed home I would have felt like I had to do something and well... it's my bday. My rule is that I don't cook or clean. I'll head home in about ten minutes and he should be putting the food on the table!

9. My favorite show has a double season premier tonight! (New Girl in case you were wondering. It's the only one I watch.)

10. I got a gazillion notes on facebook today and it totally made my day! So fun hearing from all my friends!

See... I told you the world was celebrating for me. Everything has happened just right today. 33 is going to be a great year!!!

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