Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moving Day!!!

Yesterday morning I finished up at the new house. Just some cleaning.

My MIL picked up the kids at 11:30.

I went to Panera for lunch and then did some shopping for things we needed.

Mike came home from work and we picked up this...


Then we went to the new house to put all the outlet and light switch covers on and got everything set for moving in.

We came home. Ate dinner and did this until we couldn't stand it anymore...


This morning we have a group of people showing up to help us move. I thank God for these people! I would cry if I had to move all those boxes myself.

I'm ready to be living at the new house!!!

Someone is bringing us dinner tonight and we plan to spend the evening relaxing with the kids. Family party at the new house. :)

My phone and internet won't be hooked up at the new house until the 27th (eww!)... apparently when switching phone companies they need a ten day notice in order for you to keep your same number. I'll still come back to this house (we have it till the end of the month) to check phone messages and email once a day but I won't be on nearly as much as I usually am. (That could be a good thing.)

I'll still be reading your blogs and I'm sure I'll keep writing too. But I'm just going to apologize now for not getting back to people quickly or responding to all your comments until I am hooked up at the new house.

I love you all and thanks for being so excited for me about the new house!!! I love it and it's so much fun to share life with friends!

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