Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Babies

Liza and Jason totally make my life! They are two absolutely amazing kids. Here are two recent conversations...

ME: I'm going to tell you secrets Jason.
ME: *whispering in his ear* You're my favorite boy. I think you are really awesome. I love you!
JASON: *whispers in my ear* I love you all the time.

LIZA: *while wanting to know how to spell a word* What comes next?
ME: It makes this sound *K sound*
LIZA: Hmmm. I think I forget.
ME:  You know it. Think for a minute.
LIZA: Maybe the party rockers made me lose my mind.


I decided to take advantage of an empty house with big walls and get some pictures of them. 

IMG_9806 copy

IMG_9803 copy

IMG_9802 copy

Liza has been rockin the sillies lately...

IMG_9812 copy

IMG_9813 copybw

IMG_9820 copbwy

I love this next picture. It is so Liza. Simple. Smiley. Sweet.

 IMG_9824 copy

IMG_9835 copy

IMG_9837 copy

IMG_9844 copy

(I am soooo incredibly happy to be out of those dark brown walls! They cast an orangish tint on my pictures which made skin tone a nightmare.)

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