Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Month

August 29th... one month ago today.

One month ago I bought a house.

I can't believe it has only been one month since that day! It seems like it has been much longer but maybe that's because I squeezed so much into that one month.

On August 29th Liza had her first day of Kindergarten

 IMG_9679 copy

We picked her up from that and then headed to our house closing

 101_9717 copy

I spent the next two days cleaning cleaning cleaning the new house and then that Saturday we took a day trip to my parents' house to visit because my sisters were in town.

 IMG_9889 copy

We came back home and continued cleaning the new house. Eventually we were able to start with the painting! Woo hoo!! I spent days and days painting. I'm sill not done and the hallway might just remain with its coat of primer for a while. I'm too tired to think about painting it!

 101_9749 1

About three days before moving I finally decided that I should start packing.


Oh yeah... somewhere in the middle of all of this Jason also had his first day of school and Liza had picture day and a fundraiser. Geez!

IMG_9748 copy
Two weeks ago today we moved into the new house and I've been attempting to unpack ever since. But we are exhausted! And I had to take a second trip to my parents' house this month (2 hours one way) for my cousin's wedding... which I photographed.

IMG_0398 copybw

(Are you tired yet??!)

We had Liza's birthday to celebrate and mine.

I had a kickoff party to organize and throw for the women's ministry at my church.

I totally slacked when it came to helping Amy with Butler Praise and Coffee this month.

I met some nice neighbors.

This month has been INSANE! My brain is totally fried. My body is exhausted. I still have a lot of boxes to unpack. Ugh!

I am totally looking forward to October. I don't have any really big plans on the calendar. I'll be heading to St. Marys again for a wedding but this time I'm simply a guest and I'm going to kick back and enjoy it! I want to have a girls night. And I want to take some time to unpack... if it happens hooray! If not, there is always November. :) I'm ready for a slower pace of life.

I need a few weeks to catch my breath.

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