Friday, September 14, 2012

Picture Day

The schools don't waste any time do they!!?!

Picture day already?? 


Of course it had to happen on the day that I needed to have my entire house packed. 

Aannnnnd the school picture curse visited Liza. Two days before picture day she decided to throw herself into the wall and bruise half of her forehead. Actually... Jason and Liza were having a blast running around in the empty rooms at the new house and Liza slipped and smacked her head off the edge of the baseboard. It makes me hurt just thinking about it.

 IMG_9820 copy

I didn't have anything that I wanted Liza to wear for pictures so I had to find time to take the girl shopping. We went to Target last night, I grabbed a few outfits and we went to try them on. 

Liza loves trying on new clothes but she gets attached really fast so I have to make some tough decisions for her. :)

We settled on an outfit, bought some new shoes and came home where she tried on her new outfit for Daddy. She was sooo excited to show him because she just knew he would think she was beautiful. Mike didn't disappoint her! 

This morning we got ready for school and had a quick little photo shoot on our way out the door. I have NO IDEA where she learned these poses... definitely not from her mama! She is the total opposite of me as a kid. I was the girl who didn't think it was fair that boys could run around without their shirts on and girls couldn't. I was the girl always covered in dirt. I was the girl who hated wearing dresses.

I bet my mom would have never got unprompted pictures of me like this...

 IMG_9878 copy

IMG_9879 copy

IMG_9881 copy

IMG_9883 copy

IMG_9884 copy

IMG_9887 copy
(They always have to do a brother/sister pic. I love it!)

IMG_9891 copy

IMG_9894 copy

She is the girliest girl that I know!!

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