Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

It is Thursday right? Everything is running together these days. I have some stories to tell but I'm waiting for some things to play out so I can tell you the WHOLE story and not just part of it. So instead some random

1. It's been a really frustrating week. Maybe next week will be normal?

2. I get to photograph a wedding this weekend! I'm totally pumped about that but nervous at the same time. My cousin is getting married and it's out of town. I do not have a second shooter. I did a wedding alone before and did just fine... but I should have a second shooter.

3. I get to visit with a good friend of ours from college tonight! AND I get to meet his fiance! I'm so excited for our friend and I can't wait to meet his girl. I'm assuming she is awesome because my friend is deserving of nothing less!

4. My kitchen cabinets still smell. There are a few that don't so I shoved everything into those ones just to get rid of some boxes. My kitchen doesn't make sense at all.

5. Yesterday we cleaned out the house we rented for the past five and a half years. Today I'll give the landlord my keys. It's been a good house and was strange to say goodbye to it. It's the only house that the kids know and so much has happened in the past five years. It was a good house for us but thankfully the memories live in my heart and I can take them with me.

6. I should probably figure out what to do for Liza's birthday since it is in two days.

7. My birthday is in five days and Mike's is in 11. He thought we were turning 32 this year. I informed him it will be 33. He didn't like that. :)

8. I have a gazillion things swirling in my head but I'm too tired to write them out and make sense of it all. I want to talk about the things I am thinking about because of the Bible study I just started... Prayer by Philip Yancey. I think it's going to be a good one and I think I'll have a lot to say about it. I'll save that for when I can make sense of things. I'm too tired and my brain is on shutdown.

9. And I still don't have internet at a home. One more week.

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