Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

1. I FINALLY have phone and internet at home!!! Woo hooooo! We wanted to try a new company since we started having issues with the old one. What we didn't know was that in order to keep the same number while switching companies you had to give a ten day notice. We were told they would be coming between 10 and 5 today (ridiculous!) and thankfully they pulled up to the house at 10:45 to connect us! Done.

2. I need to do laundry quite desperately but it's raining. Remember... I have that issue where I have to unplug my basement floor so the washer can drain down the hole but the hole must be plugged when raining so water doesn't come up. This is weird.

3. The light switch in my bathroom is in the wrong place. Seriously! Every. single. time that I walk into the bathroom I reach to the left to turn on the light. Only, it's on the right! Mike gets it wrong every time too so I know it's not just me. It was on the right in our last house so you would think that after 5 years of reaching to the right when I walked into the bathroom that this would not be an issue... but it is. Something about the setup maybe? My brain just knows that the light switch should be on the left. I resorted to using the bathroom in the dark if I reach for the light and get it wrong.

4. My box spring is STILL in the living room and my mattress is STILL on the floor. BUT I found a quilt for my bed that I love love LOVE! I got it at Kohl's on sale plus an additional 30% off. It was originally about $140 and I think I got it for around $50. Awesomeness!! See...

Fullscreen capture 9272012 40736 PM

5. I've decided that it's time to splurge and get myself and awesome set of sheets. I just turned 33 and bought a new house. I think it's time to do this grown up thing and stop buying the cheapies. :)

6. Been an editing fool. Trying to get done with the picture's of my cousin's wedding. I do not enjoy the editing part so much but I have more photo shoots coming up so I need to get it done.

IMG_0367 copy


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