Thursday, September 6, 2012


One week ago today I started work on the new house. Several days were spent cleaning and then we moved on to painting.

What. A. JOB!

Holy moly! 2 things...
1. Painting an entire house at once is expensive.
2. Painting an entire house is a lot of work and takes forever.

Thankfully I have some absolutely amazing people in my life! I've had several people in and out... cleaning, painting, bringing gifts. It's actually a lot of fun even though it's completely exhausting.

This is what the dining room looked like a week ago...


Dark grey walls. Just really dark. And the trim is actually a beige but against that dark grey it almost looks white... it's not even close to white!

But we've been working nonstop and this is what it is now looking like...

IMG_9787 1

Woo hoo! One more quick coat of paint on the walls and I have one room finished!!

And do you know what this is a picture of?!?!

IMG_9782 1

If you guessed that it is my no longer green ceiling then you would be correct. :)

Primer and then three coats of paint. My new advice to everyone I meet will be "don't paint your ceilings green!"


It no longer feels like a cave in my living room! We have more trim to do in the living room and then we will paint the walls. I'm excited! I'm really loving how it is looking! It's really really close to what I pictured in my head.

Now... if I just had enough money to replace that green carpet...


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