Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who Took the Apples?

Liza is LOOOOVING Kindergarten! She has a wonderful teacher and I'm excited to chaperone their first field trip in a two weeks... to the firehall. :) School has been a really good experience for us so far. Well... you know... aside from the whooping cough and lice scares.

Liza is in love with learning and the other day I told Mike that I am pretty sure Miss E. will teach her more in a year than I have in six. But that's ok. We'll make a good team. Miss E. can teach her the book stuff and I'll continue to teach her the life and heart stuff.

This week in kindergarten Liza has been talking about apples in celebration of Johnny Appleseed's birthday. They all took in an apple and they've been sorting, counting and tasting the different color apples. Tomorrow they will get to taste some homemade applesauce and some apple cider. (Yum!)

Throughout the week they've been coloring a little book and learning a little rhyme. I caught Liza reading it to Jason most likely JUST the way that she perceives Miss E. to be reading it to her. I asked her to "read it" on video and she did. Lucky you. :)

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