Friday, October 5, 2012

Better is Possible

I'm linking up with Amy again for Frankly Friday.

A few weeks ago the choir at my church had some kind of workshop and they all came home posting this quote...

If better is possible, good isn't enough.

I know that this was something they were told probably about their singing but it has had me thinking ever since. I don't sing, and you don't want me to, so I obviously applied it to a different area of my life... my Christianity.

I don't want to settle for being a "good enough Christian."

Better is possible.

If there is any bitterness and hardness in me... better is possible.
If there is any pride in me... better is possible.
If I don't completely trust... better is possible.
If I still ignore God in certain areas of my life... better is possible.
If I'm not out there serving... better is possible.
If I'm greedy and ungiving... better is possible.
If I'm living for me instead of Christ... better is possible.
If I'm always grumbling and complaining... better is possible.

And when better is possible good is not enough.

I want to spend every day continuing to be transformed and becoming more and more like Christ. I want "better". Not because I need to earn my salvation... I don't. Not due to legalism and following the rules... that's also the wrong reason. I want to be "better" and not settle for good because of LOVE.

First, because God loved me enough to send His Son to earth to die a horrible death so that I could have relationship with Him.

Second, because I love God in return and He says "If you love me, you will obey what I command." (John 14:15)

Less of me. More of Him.
No more settling for good. Going for the better.
No longer settling for an acceptable Christian life by the standards of others. Living for God's standards.

Lacrae has a song with this lyric in it...

"I'm not living I'm just breathing to death."

Christ died so that we could LIVE. LIVE!... and don't just settle for good living but go for better living!

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