Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brandon and Aimee... Engaged

Years ago Brandon and I went on the same missions trip to Costa Rica. We recently ran into each other while out. It happened to be the same day that he proposed to Aimee. Shortly after that he contacted me about some engagement pictures. I met up with Brandon and Aimee a few days ago and despite a slight drizzle and gray skies for most of our time together we still managed to get some great photos!

IMG_0043 copy

IMG_0054 copy

IMG_0068 copy

IMG_0093 copy

IMG_0100 copybw

IMG_0108 copy

IMG_9896 copy

IMG_9903 copy
(The crooked dock kind of bothers me but it's not straight and there is no straightening it. Oh well... I still like the picture. :))

IMG_9919 copy

IMG_9973 copybw

IMG_9961 copybw

IMG_9949 copybw

IMG_9930 copybw

IMG_9935 copy

Congratulations Brandon and Aimee! I hope you wedding day is everything you dream of and pray that you have a strong marriage and wisdom for every day!

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