Thursday, October 18, 2012


My Jason has a bit of a coloring obsession.

IMG_0273 copy

A few months ago he came home from church with a spectacularly colored picture. I was certain someone else did it because only a few days before he was just scribbling with one color all over the paper. But this picture had clothes one color, hair another, skin another, etc. And it was almost all in the lines.

IMG_0277 copy

Ever since that he's been a grown up colorer.

IMG_0279 copy

And he's a bit obsessed. He will color for hours each day. All he wants to do is color. He doesn't want to nap because he wants to color. He'll clean up so he can color when he is done.

He colors all. the. time. And he colors the entire page.

IMG_0282 copy

I guess I need to go buy more coloring books for the boy!

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