Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Shoot

A few weeks ago I did a maternity shoot for Ashley on a farm that she knew of. Shortly after I finished up with her photos the family who owns the farm called me wanting some family pictures. I headed back out to the farm on a cold fall day and got them some great photos. Made me want some pictures of MY family!

IMG_0122 1

What I love about this shoot is that the family didn't try to dress all up in a way that wasn't them. They were themselves and they looked comfortable and I think it worked so well! What they wore in no way screams "Farmers!" but it does say "this is who we are" and I think that is so important pictures.

The mom is sooo beautiful! Seriously!

IMG_0131 copy

And look at how adorable their kids are...

IMG_0127 copy

A really lovely family.

They gave me some challenges. One was trying to get some dogs in a picture... the dogs weren't very cooperative ha! The other thing they wanted was a picture with their tractor in it. That was kind of fun and a first and I'm happy with what I got. :)

IMG_0143 copy

My favorite pictures came at the end though...

IMG_0164 copy

IMG_0173 copybw

Another success. :)

October has been busy with photo shoots. Always happens that way because everyone wants the fall colors and the beautiful leaves. I have another photo shoot tonight... a senior and then I just have some babies on the schedule. 

I like taking pictures.

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