Monday, October 29, 2012

Jake -- Senior Session

Last week was gorgeous and I did my best to fit in a few photo shoots with people that were asking because I knew it would probably be our last nice week. Thankfully I jumped on those 80 degree days because we are now at 42 and nothing but rain in the forecast. My first shoot of the week was with Jake. He's a senior and wanted some pictures. I like his family. :)

I made myself use my 50mm lens... which I never use... because I need to learn to like using it. I don't feel that my zoom lens is giving me sharp enough images anymore.

There were several times where I was all "umm... sit like a guy." Guess I need to do more people watching! ha.

Here are some of my favorites...

IMG_0438 copy

IMG_0518 copybw

IMG_0511 copybw

IMG_0546 copy

IMG_0487 copy

IMG_0442 copybw

IMG_0469 copy

IMG_0541 copy-001

IMG_0457 copybw2

IMG_0503 copy

IMG_0449 copy

IMG_0502 copy

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