Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Yarn Stash

It's no secret that I have a cool little business going on. Selling hats at Wix-Works has become a fun thing for me. I enjoy crocheting the hats. It's relaxing. I get to make people smile when they get their hats in the mail. And it's become a little source of extra cash for me and that extra cash has been extremely helpful in getting my house in order!

But I had a small problem. My yarn needs to be accessible and I had nowhere to hide it. This was what my yarn stash was looking like...

IMG_9861 1

It kind of grows as the day goes on and takes over my living room. This is a good day...

 IMG_9860 1

But then Rachel, who has been helping me with some house decorating stuff, spotted this ottoman at Goodwill. It's brand new from Target... just a tiny little flaw on it that can be hidden. New at the store it's about $170. I got it for $70.

 IMG_9866 1

I brought it home, Jason used it as a stage for a while, Liza built a puzzle on it and then I got to do what I wanted to do with it.


IMG_9870 copy

Hidden but accessible yarn stash!

IMG_9872 copy

Hooray for getting another piece of my house in order! AND it's nice to get to prop my feet up. :)

Have you had any good finds at thrift stores lately?

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