Monday, October 29, 2012


Is being nervous the same as being fearful? I guess I have a little bit of both mixed together.

The last time we had a good rain I said "this is the first good rain after moving to the new house." Why was that significant?

Remember this...

IMG_9936 copy

The plug in my basement floor. It keeps the water from coming in. So far it does what they say it should do.

But now there is this...

Fullscreen capture 10292012 82038 AM

I'm ok with the rain. Our neighbor says "just leave the plug in the floor and you should be fine." Ok. We'll do that. But what has me concerned...

Fullscreen capture 10292012 82001 AM

The wind... along with all that rain.

Everyone around us gets water in their basement but the previous owner had ours "waterproofed". There are french drains and sump pumps in the basement. They work just fine. But if the wind is blowing like crazy that means we could lose power and if we lose power the pumps won't work. If the pumps don't work... does that mean lots of water in my basement?

I guess I'm nervous (with a little bit of fear) because I don't know my house yet. I don't know what to expect. I don't know how all the pieces work.

But I also realized that there is nothing I can do about it. I'm trying really hard to just let it go and not dwell on it. Not an easy thing to do. If the power goes out then the power goes out and we will just deal with whatever happens. Worrying and being nervous about it (really those two things are the same) will not change the outcome.

I guess the good thing about this storm is that it motivated me to clean out my basement. When we moved in we just put things down there that didn't have a place yet. Last night Mike and I went through almost all of it and put things away. And threw a ton of stuff out. We got it all off the floor and put things in the attic that needed stored in a safe place. It feels good to finally have all that done but now I need to sort through my attic as well and get that organized. Someday.

Hopefully the biggest hindrance from this storm will be that I can't do laundry for a week... because my laundry drains in the same hole that I can't unplug when it rains.

Is this storm affecting you??

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