Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reupholstering Kitchen Chairs

Just after we put an offer on this house we got an email that someone was giving away a dining room table with six chairs. We grabbed that up because not only was it free but it was also perfect for the dining room in the new house!

The chairs came like this...

IMG_0316 copy

It's not bad but the corners were wearing thin and I wanted something new.

IMG_0317 copy

So I started looking around and found this article through pinterest

and decided that reupholstering the chairs was something I could do.

Rachel, the one who guides me in all things house decorating, went to JoAnn Fabrics with me because I need some help in picking out things that actually look good. I can't always be trusted on my own. :) Friends are a good thing to have!

We found this fantastic fabric that is nice and thick and normally really expensive for only $4.50/yard! 

 IMG_0318 1

Woo hoo! I love a good deal!

Last night I got around to working on one of the chairs and then I stood back and admired it and called myself awesome.

 IMG_0313 copy

I did another one today. I have four left to do but I'll get them done because I'm having some friends over on Saturday... it's a good motivator! Plus, I just love the new look so much! I can't wait to have all of the chairs matching. 

I'm still working on getting the house painted...worked on the fireplace again yesterday and put one coat on the upper part of the hallway. The hallway will take a while because it needs to be done in steps. I'll get to it on the days I feel like it.

My next project after the chairs will be Liza's desk. I was given a mirror and a bench and I think once I get some fresh paint on those and reupholster the bench it will be a cute desk that doubles as a vanity. Liza will love it and probably spend her days staring at herself in the mirror.

What's your latest project?

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