Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

IMG_0327 copy
I found this pink hoodie at the thrift store for $2. Liza loves it and I think it's adorable when she goes about with the hood up.

IMG_0348 copy
At the old house we could only hear the sirens. Liza and Jason are pretty pumped that they can now SEE the firetrucks as the drive by.

IMG_9961 copybw
This is my cheat for the week as I did not take it within the week. But I still love it. :)

IMG_0270 1
I love looking in on Liza as she sleeps. She has to have all her soft things... her pillow pet, silky blanket and cuddle-uppet are all staples.

IMG_0380 copy
Yesterday Mike asked me if I knew where he wedding ring was. I remembered him giving it to me to hold last weekend when his fingers swelled too much for it to be comfortable. I also remembered putting it in my purse but when I looked in my purse it wasn't there. I thought it must have fallen out and been lost for good. But this morning I woke up and remembered that I used a different purse than usual and there it was... tucked away in the pocket right where I put it. I was thankful... and so I stacked them up by the love verses and took a photo... because we never got ring pictures when we got married. So there they are... our almost ten year old rings in all their scratched up glory.

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