Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Taking pictures of specific things definitely stretches me. This week some prompts were easy for me and some were hard.

1. Patterns
IMG_0588 copy
Not an easy one for me. Thankfully we had a gorgeous, 85 degree day and I took the kids to Living Treasures. Love this baby girl. I think she's about 3 months old now. Adorable!

2. Machine
IMG_0469 copy
I don't advertise myself as a photographer because I don't want to be full time business and I still have loads to learn. But word has got around and people call me. This week I took Jake's senior photos and he wanted one with his dirt bike. Considering that I haven't photographed a guy before and all things guy were a bit of a stretch for me... I really like how this turned out!

3. Signs or Logos
IMG_0001 copy

IMG_0094 copy
We went to a farm and enjoyed their corn maze. I saw the enter sign and asked Liza and Jason to go stand by it when Liza started doing crazy poses. Jason watches Liza so of course he started crazy posing as well. We hit the exit sign on the way out too. :)

4. Rocks or Stones
IMG_0391 copy
We spent one of the gorgeous days last week playing at the park and throwing rocks in the creek.

5. Sparkle
IMG_0736 copy
This was the hardest one for me. You would think that with a six year old girl who loves all things pink and princess and sparkly that I would find something but I didn't. However, when we were at Living Treasures I noticed the sun reflecting off the water and decided to see if I could get it to sparkle. While trying that I thought "what if I can get a duck passing through the sparkling sun?" And this was what I was able to get before my kids got bored and insisted that we move on. It was fun figuring this out.

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