Friday, October 12, 2012



This week I have heard a couple people ask for prayer. In asking they all mentioned something about it being selfish. Now, I LOVE these people and this is NOT about them... no... this is about the idea of selfish prayer because this week wasn't the first time I've heard it from others.

Why do we think that asking for prayer for ourselves is selfish?

If I had a cold and asked you to pray for me would you think I was selfish? Probably not. You would get right on with that praying. So why then do people say thinks like "I know this probably sounds selfish but could you all pray for me. I have a horrible cold and just want it to go away."

I think that our thinking is off here.

We need to not be afraid to ask for prayers from others for ourselves. If your mom or child or best friend was sick would you ask others to pray for them? Absolutely! So why does it become selfish when we ask the same for ourselves?

And being sick is just one example here. There are plenty more that we could roll with... that we would have patience as a parent, strength to get through the day, favor in our job, control with our eating, etc.

There is also an extreme to this thinking that it is selfish to have prayer for ourselves. In the past I have met people who have said that they pray for everyone and everything... except themselves.

Here's the thing... call me selfish if you want (which I don't think you will)... but I pray for myself more than anything. I'm a total mess and I know my need for my Savior. I can't make it through days without Him... His strength, guidance, peace, healing and even discipline. When I moved and life was totally insane I asked my small group to pray that I would have a "normal week." No one said "how selfish that you would want that!" No... they prayed for me. And God heard and I had a normal week where we could relax and enjoy being a family again. We needed it.

God cares about others but He also cares about YOU! From your sprained ankle (Hi Amy!) or your need for strength to get through the day for your daughter (Hi Kate!) or whatever it is that you need. God cares about every little detail of our lives. He wants us to rely on Him in those situations. I think He loves it that we aren't too proud to ask for prayer for even those things that seem so small, minor or simple to us.

When I ask for prayer I say "I'm not enough on my own" and that's right where God wants us... knowing we need Him.

It's good... not selfish... to ask others to pray for us. How can I pray for you today? Leave a comment or send me an email and I will pray for you.

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