Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Basement is DRY!!

Last night was kind of a long night for us. As I've mentioned several times now we are nervous about our basement and water. We live n a flood zone and lots of people talk about getting water in the basement.

We cleaned it out. Moved things off the floor. Put our washer and dryer up on cinder blocks and hoped for the best.

We listened to the sump pumps all day long.

Just before we headed to bed at 10:00 last night we went to check on the basement and I was slightly terrified at what I saw. There was water around this...

IMG_9936 copy

Not a lot and thankfully it's formed like a funnel around it so it held it all there in a puddle. We scooped the water out and tightened it some more. But I was nervous. Too nervous to sleep well. We set the alarm for every two hours and checked it. Well... Mike got up and checked it. I think he finally got it tightened so much that we might not ever be able to get the plug out but when he woke up at 5am to check there was no water.

Thank God!

Like I said though, I didn't sleep well at all. I was always listening for the pumps. They were running at least every minute to pump water out. I would hear the wind or a bump or something and then I would just listen to make sure the pumps were still coming on. If those pumps stop working we are in trouble!

And just so you can have an idea of what I am living with... I took a short video of one of the drains/pumps. We have two of these in our basement...

Last night there was at least twice as much water running in. I can hear the water all day long. I can hear the pumps all day long. I am so incredibly thankful for whatever owner before us had those put in! And I hope they continue working because we have two more days of rain.

Liza is on a two hour delay. Other than school I think we'll all sit here in our cozy clothes staying dry and warm.

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