Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Ten Year Checker Game

I don't think I ever told you the full story of the one time that Mike and I played checkers.

It was years ago. Before we were dating. When we were just friends. I'm thinking it had to be sometime in early 2002. We were in college. Hanging out with a group of friends. Playing games and being dorks... because being dorks is what we all did best.

Mike and I found a checker board and decided to play.

I managed to get the upperhand right from the start and I dominated that game. Completely.

He was sweating. He did not want to lose to me. But it was pretty obvious that he was going to.

We're a bit competitive.

Jump by jump I snatched up his pieces. I had kings. Several of them. There was no move he could make that was safe.

He had two pieces left and I had a whole lot more than that and then it happened... I made a move and he was blocked in.

Mike let out a huge sigh of relief and claimed "I can't make a move. It's a draw. No one wins."


And that's when the argument over who won the checker game began.

Mike insisted that it was a draw. That there was no winner.
I told him to look at the evidence.
Draw or not... count the pieces. He lost. I won.
Mike held his ground...

...for ten years!

Ten years people!!! Whenever The Checker Game came up he insisted that no one won... meaning he didn't lose. For ten years I have tried to get him to say "Laura, you won that checker game."

Last night The Checker Game came up again. And he still couldn't admit defeat. I tried it all... nagging, sweet voice, total manipulation... nothing worked. He wasn't going to give me that satisfaction of the win.

But do you know what I did first thing this morning? Hung out with my good friend Google. :) And do you know what I found out about checkers???!!

A player wins the game when the opponent cannot make a move. In most cases, this is because all of the opponent's pieces have been captured, but it could also be because all of his pieces are blocked in.

That's right friends!!! I won The Checker Game! And Mike hadn't left for work yet so I got to hear him say those sweet words I've been waiting to hear for ten long years...

"You won The Checker Game."

He wasn't very enthusiastic about it but I made sure to do a little victory dance and made up for his lack of enthusiasm. I'm nice like that.

It feels good to finally have that victory. :)

The Checker Game was the one and only time we ever played checkers. I pretty sure it will always remain as the one and only checker game in our history.

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