Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas tree and skirt!

So... I've been talking about this tree skirt that I made and how awesome it is. Today I will finally show it to you. :)

It all started when Sarah started pinning some crafty things on Pinterest. It put me in the mood to be crafty and the wonderful thing about having friends that aren't married yet and don't have kids is that they can do a spontaneous craft day... or two days as it turned out... with you. 

This is the pin that got it all started...

We went shopping for our materials. The tutorials call for linen. We didn't use that because it is ridiculously expensive and I wasn't planning to spend $50 making a tree skirt. Instead we found unbleached muslin which runs as low as $1.99/yard. Use your Jo-Ann 40% off coupon on that and you've got yourself a great deal!

We found painter's canvas at Walmart for $10. You will have a lot of extra unless you can find a smaller size than we did. I'm using my extra to make stockings... that's the plan anyways.

So... material (we used about five yards), painter's canvas, glue gun. Ready... set... go!

We cut three inch strips and that just seemed to take forever. I think if I were to do it again I would make the strips four inches wide.

And then we glued like crazy... for hours! Really. This project took about five hours.

We glued and ruffled and glued and ruffled and were about to go a bit crazy by the end.

 IMG_1863 1
(That's Sarah. I met her because she is Liza's teacher. She awesome... as a teacher and a friend!)

But it was worth it!

IMG_1865 copy

Add ribbons to tie it together...

IMG_1869 copy

Admire the ruffled goodness...

IMG_1870 copy

Yesterday Mike got the tree out and I strung it with lights... which took some googling for the correct way to do it and lots of time because I had to make it look good. This is my first year with a big tree.

IMG_1925 copy

Mike is out at the store right now and he is picking up a green extension cord for me so I can wrap it around the trunk instead of having lights strung from tree to outlet. 

I'm not putting any ornaments on the tree. The only thing I want is a huge bow on top with ribbon streamers running down the tree. My problem is that I'm not sure what color to go with for the ribbon. The tree is right next to the white fireplace. I am making a red burlap wreath to hang in the middle of the mirror and since that is close to the tree I've decided that I should not do a red ribbon. Gold would look great but I don't like gold so that's out. I'm hanging stockings that are the color of painter's canvas and I'm thinking of accenting them with the blues and greens that are on the Panera Bread paper cup. Anyone know what I'm talking about haha?

I think I'm leaning toward some kind of silver ribbon. I've seen some cute polka dot ones. Not sure though if that's the way to go.

I guess I'm asking for your help... again. :) 

What color ribbon do you think for the top of the tree??

PS... don't forget about my giveaway! Three chances to enter. Leave one comment for each thing.

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