Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals

I want to share with you a few good deals on this cyber Monday. The first is Band Angels. Bandaids with scriptures about healing on them. What a genius idea! My mother-in-law gave us a box a while back and the kids love them. They are 50% off today only!

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Find Band Angels on Facebook for details.


The second good deal is from Messenger International... one of my favorite ministries! All books, downloads, study guides, curriculum, etc. by John and Lisa Bevere are half off the retail price.

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This deal actually runs until December 10th. I'll be putting in an order... just like I do every year. :) I'm excited about getting the Nurture curriculum! To all my local friends who like to do Bible study with me in the summer... that's what we will be doing!

Messenger International Store


The third good deal... VeggieTales! They have four dvds that are $3.99 each and it's also free shipping today! I think the kids are getting some new VeggieTales for Christmas!

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VeggieTales Store

What good deals are you finding today?

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