Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Still Have Hope

Ya know... a lot of Americans are angry today. Disappointed. Scared. Their man didn't win and they lost all hope that a positive change could happen.

Why is that so?
Why is it that easy to lose hope?
Why do you feel that it is over because the election didn't go your way?

Perhaps because so many have placed their hope in one man... they want one man to do that work and stand for the things that they want to happen.

And that man didn't win. Were we expecting him to be our savior when we ALREADY HAVE A SAVIOR!?!?!

If you were hoping for Romney to win you don't need to lose all hope. I've said it before and I'll say it again... if you want to change a nation you have to start by changing the hearts of people! Rules and regulations don't change hearts... GOD DOES!

So let's stop calling ourselves Christians and then do nothing that shows that we are.
Let's give up this gloom and doom attitude.
And let's start ACTING like Christians.
Let's actually go into all the world and preach the good news... that includes YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.
Let's live lives of love.
Let's reach out to those in need.
Let's open our hearts and our homes to others.

It's time to stop being so busy that we don't have time to show others the love of God.

If you find yourself without hope today then your hope was in the wrong Person.

We should not place all our hope on one man to save us because ONE MAN has ALREADY saved us.

It's time to put actions to our words and beliefs.
It's time to realize that politics and government are not our answer.
It's time to stand up in action for what you believe in.

Let's stop putting all our hope in the government and start putting it in the cross.

Change your nation... one heart at a time.

(I am no way suggesting that we get rid of government or not try to use it to our advantage. Just saying that Government is not the starting point or our hope. God is.)

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