Friday, November 23, 2012

Jadyn -- Newborn

Someone I go to Bible study with booked six photo sessions with me as her gift to her niece. (Best gift ever if I do say so myself!) We did the pregnancy pictures not too long ago and just last week I got to photograph baby Jadyn at just six days old. 

I think newborn sessions could quickly become a favorite for me! The babies are always so tiny and cute and awesome. And I love the adorable pictures we end up with. :)

So... I'm an amateur photographer. I still call it my hobby and not my job or profession... because it's not. It's a hobby. I set up in my living room with blankets and things I've collected along the way... which isn't much. I also like to tell the mom to bring along anything special she would like to use.

I'll share about some of the stuff we used because you'll probably find it's things that you have around the house too or can find cheap.

In these first two we used a blanket that was made by someone for the baby...

IMG_1372 copybw

IMG_1386 copy

The basket below was maybe $2 from a thrift store and they wanted to use the butterfly wings...

IMG_1397 copy

I crocheted the soft blanket that fills the basket.

IMG_1399 copy

IMG_1402 copy

For the following pictures I have a beanbag under the blankets.

IMG_1425 copy

IMG_1447 copy

The pink and white polka dot is just a piece of fleece I bought from the craft store. I need to buy more. I think it's on great sale today but I don't know if I want to deal with all the people!

IMG_1462 copy
(One of my favorites!)

IMG_1464 copy

IMG_1481 copy

IMG_1490 copy

I'll get to see Jadyn again around 3 months... and then 6 and 9 and one year. :)

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