Thursday, November 8, 2012


I can't sleep.
I have a feeling that I am on the verge of being forever changed.

I've always heard bits and pieces about sex trafficking. I KNEW that it went on but how did one even go about learning about this stuff and finding out how to help?!

Tuesday morning should probably be a date that I write down and remember. Tuesday morning... the beginning of forever changed. Why Tuesday? Because a woman from our church spoke to the women's group that I am a part of about her involvement with helping girls that are coming out of sex trafficking.

She shared statistics that blew my mind and broke my heart.
I can't NOT do something.

My heart aches.
IT ACHES for these girls. Young girls. AMERICAN girls!

I've always heard about it being an international thing. And it is. But it is also happening RIGHT HERE IN OUR HOMELAND! In our states. In MY state!

Ugh! This has to be stopped! And I can't sit here and wait for someone else to come along and stop it.

Here's the thing... as I was thinking about this I started thinking about me and Mike and something that happens every winter when he is laid off. What happens? Nothing! Nothing gets done because we both sit around expecting the other person to do it.

I have a feeling that that is exactly what is happening with so many of us... Christian or not... because this isn't a religious thing... this is a HUMAN thing! We are sitting around expecting someone else to take care of the problem. We can't do that anymore! We MUST do something!

Innocence stolen.


I can't stand it. I'll save at least one in my life time.

We hear people talk about passion all the time. Let's look that up...

Passion: any powerful or compelling feeling or emotion
Passionate: having, compelled by or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling
Compel: to force or drive, especially to a course of action

To be passionate about something is to have feelings so incredibly strong that they FORCE AND DRIVE YOU to a course of action.

If you are not doing something about what you say you are passionate about... you must stop and ask yourself if your feelings actually hit the passion level. Passion drives you to action. No action? Probably no passion.

A great passion is growing inside of me.

Maybe you are thinking "this is great Laura but I still don't know how to learn about all of this and get involved." Don't worry! I'll have plenty to share over the next few weeks. Books. Websites. Statistics. Organizations. I have a lot of materials to read through and as I work through it all I will share what I am learning. If you want to remain ignorant of what is going on in our country concerning sex trafficking you'll probably want to just skip my blog for a while. But I suspect that many of you will continue to read and you too will have a passion grow inside of you.

These are our SISTERS and they need our help!

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