Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

Did this week actually happen? It's just flown by. Last night I was thinking about scheduling something when I realized a week from today is THANKSGIVING! How did that happen? I don't even know what I want to do for Thanksgiving... but I have a feeling it will involve having turkey dinner here in my new home. I think that's what I want.

Anyways... so here's what is going on...

I'm still making a TON of hats. Non-stop. Bustin' out at least one a day. This is definitely the work season for Wix-Works. Good thing I love crocheting and making hats! This one was ordered by my sister for my niece... I love it!

IMG_1329 copy


I've been editing pictures from the engagement shoot I did with Danielle and her fiance. I like this one...

IMG_0990 copybw


I had a newborn photo shoot at the house today. I was still trying to work out the best place to set up and not get shadows. I bribed Liza to sit for me with a piece of a candy. She'll do anything for a piece of candy. Anyways... I always tell people that it's good to wear color for photos because color pops and looks great. I love the color in this photo... and the girl!

IMG_1357 copy


And here is the adorable baby girl I got to photograph today... mama is in the army. :)

IMG_1490 copy


We spent this evening at Liza's school. One of the student teachers was doing her project which was a family literacy night. They had lots of fun stuff for the kids to do and they asked Mike to set up a table. He enjoyed talking with the kids and parents about writing a book! 

101_0142 copy

He'll be going to another local school next week and a third school the week after that! FUN!! We love it! And all because Liza woke up one morning and said "I want to show Miss Eshbaugh the book that Daddy wrote." You go girl!

(I Love You All the Time by Michael J. Wick is available at or you can order a signed copy from me. $11 plus shipping. Would make a great Christmas gift! Find out more about the book in the tab at the top of my blog.)


That's just all the extra stuff I've been doing this week on top of my normal days. Annnd the car died so we now just have the van which means when Mike works I stay home home. Unless I want to walk somewhere... which I can since I now live downtown. :)

OH... and there is still time to sign up for the Christmas Swap! It will be lots of fun to share traditions and recipes and receive a few goodies in the mail! Click the button below for more info!

Hope you all are having a great week! I'll be sitting at home the next two days while Mike works... and I'm ok with that. Days at home are welcome!

Maybe I'll even fit in a nap.

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