Saturday, December 15, 2012

Change Points

Change points are turning points. Things that happen in our life that change us. These things can be major or minor. The turning can also be intense or slight. Regardless of the degree of change... if something has changed you it becomes a change point in your life.

And when we hit these points we can either let them change us for better or change us in a negative way. The choice of how we let things change us is ours.

This morning I got to start my day in one of my most favorite ways... with 34 other women at a Butler Praise and Coffee meeting! We meet once a month and I always get so much joy from these meetings. The women are truly wonderful and I have met so many amazing people at every meeting.


Today we had our first guest speaker... Billie Brink from Stonecroft Ministries.


She shared about how she grew up in a home that was less than perfect. Her father was an alcoholic. Billie had a friend, Merna. Merna was a friend who could be trusted to not go around gossiping and sharing things that weren't hers to share. One day while Merna was visiting, Billie's father came home drunk. While the girls hid away in Billie's room Merna got out her Bible and was looking for a verse to share for the moment... like she always did.

Well Billie didn't like that so she yelled at her friend and threw her Bible out the window. Merna walked out of the house, picked up her Bible and headed home.

That is something that could destroy a friendship with hurt and unforgiveness. But that's not what happened this time. Billie walked to her friend's house and as she approached the house Jean Mock (Merna's mom) was watching her. Jean Mock embraced her and told her that she would be a safe haven for Billie. Merna gave her a hug and told her all was good and forgiven.

Change points. That was part of Billie's. Not long after Merna took her to church where she heard preached what she had seen her friend live. Billie gave her life to Christ.

Change points.
Turning points.
Moments that change the course of our lives.

We all hit change points throughout our life.
Life will always happen... whether we like it or not.

After Billie's message (which was obviously much longer and better than my quick recap) we split into discussion groups and can I just say that I LOVE this part of our Praise and Coffee meetings. I love hearing from the other women. I love learning from them. I love their life stories. I love how we get to encourage each other. We had a great discussion in my group this morning!

As we were closing up I had a picture of a pinball machine in my head. Hmm... I might need to talk this one through instead of writing it...
So there ya go... if you've ever wondered what it might be like to sit in a Bible study with me that's a pretty good representation... bizarre analogies that are crazily animated. :)
Anyways... go be someone's Merna or Jean Mock!

Were you at the meeting? What did you take home from it??

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