Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas IQ Test

We are sick. :( Liza has had a cough for the past two weeks. Friday I came down with a cold, spent Saturday in bed with a fever and yesterday I had fire throat. (I made that up but that's what it felt like.) I still feel like crap. Jason seems to have what I did. He puked all over the carpet today. Mike is so far the only one who seems untouched. Needless to say we are rethinking all of our Christmas plans. Visits with family just might have to wait because we don't feel that others would appreciate the gift of sick. :)

Anyways... So Friday evening was the Wick Christmas Party and my mother-in-law was in charge of planning the party this year. I helped out a little bit. I remembered this Christmas IQ test that someone passed out back in one of my college groups. I tucked it away in a file folder thinking "I'll use that someday." And I did. We passed this out to everyone and the person who got the most right won a beautiful wreath that my MIL in made. 

Here's the Christmas IQ Quiz. See how much you really know. :) I'll post the answers at the bottom so don't scroll all the way down until you answer the questions!!!

Christmas IQ Test
“Based on ‘The Christmas IQ Test,” copyright 1993 by Regina L. Hunter.”
1. As long as Christmas has been celebrated, it has been on December 25.  (True or False)

2. Joseph was from:
            A. Bethlehem     B. Jerusalem     C. Nazareth     D. Egypt
            E. Minnesota      F. None of these

3. How did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?
            A. Camel     B. Donkey     C. Walked     D. Volkswagen
            E. Joseph walked and Mary rode a donkey     F. Who knows?

4. Mary and Joseph were married when Mary become pregnant. (True or False)

5. Mary was a virgin when she delivered Jesus.  (True or False)

6. What did the innkeeper tell Mary and Joseph?
            A. There is no room at the inn.     B. I have a stable you can use.
            C. Come back after the Christmas rush and I should have some vacancies.
            D. Both A and B     E. None of these.

7. Jesus was delivered in a:
            A. Stable     B. Manger     C. Cave     D. Barn     E. Unknown

8. A “manger” is a:
            A. Stable for domestic animals     B. Wooded hay storage bin  
C. Feeding trough                         D. Barn

9. Which animals does the Bible say were present at Jesus’ birth?
            A. Cows, sheep, goats         B. Cows, donkeys, sheep   C. sheep and goats only     
            D. Miscellaneous barnyard animals     E. Lions, tigers, elephants   F. None of these

10. Who saw the “star in the East”?
            A. Shepherds     B. Mary and Joseph   C. Three Kings  
            D. Both A and C   E. None of these

11. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?
            A. One     B. Three     C. a multitude     D. none of these

12. What “sign” did the angels tell the shepherds to look for?
            A. “this way to baby Jesus”     B. A star over Bethlehem
            C. A baby that doesn’t cry       D. A house with a Christmas tree
            E. A baby in a stable                 F. none of these

13. What did the angels say?
            A. Joy to the world, the Lord is come        B. Alleluia
C. Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given     D. Glory to God in the Highest, etc.
            E. Glory to the newborn king      F. My Sweet Lord

14. What is a “Heavenly Host”?
            A. The angel at the ate of heaven     B. The angel who invites people to heaven
            C. The angel who serves refreshments in heaven
            D. An angel choir     E. An angel army     F. None of these

15. There was snow that first Christmas:
            A. Only in Bethlehem     B. All over Israel     C. Nowhere in Israel
            D. Somewhere in Israel     E. Mary and Joseph only “dreamed” of a white Christmas

16. The baby Jesus cried:
            A. When the doctor slapped him on the behind   
            B. When the little drummer boy started banging on his drum
            C. just like other babies     D. he never cried

17. What is “frankincense”?
            A. A precious metal     B. A precious fabric     C. A precious perfume
            D. An Eastern monster story     E. none of the above

18. What is “myrrh”?
            A. An easily shaped metal     B. A spice used for burying people     C. A drink
            D. After-shave lotion     E. None of the above

19. How many wise men came to see Jesus? (Write the number)

20. The wise men found Jesus in a:
            A. manger     B. Stable     C. House     D. Holiday Inn

21. The wise men stopped in Jerusalem:
            A. to inform Herod about Jesus     B. To find out where Jesus was
            C. To ask about the start they saw     D. For gas     E. To buy presents for Jesus

22. Where do we find the Christmas story in order to check up on all these ridiculous questions?
            A. Matthew     B. Mark     C. Luke     D. John     E. A, B, C & D
            F. Only A & C     G. Only A, B and C     H. Only X, Y and Z

23. When Joseph and Mary found out that Mary was pregnant with Jesus, what happened?
            A. They got married     B. Joseph wanted to break the engagement  
            C. Mary left town for three months     D. The angel told them to go to Bethlehem
            E. Both A and D     F. Both B and C

24. Who told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?
            A. the angel     B. Marys’ mother     C. Herod
            D. Caesar Augustus     E. Alexander the Great     F. No one told them

1. false     2. A     3. F     4. F      5. T     6. E     7. E     8. C     9. F     10. E     11. A     12. F
13. D     14. E     15. C     16. C     17. C     18. B     19. doesn't say     20. C     21. B    22. F
23. F    24. D 

So... how did you do!?  What surprised you the most? I know I did terrible the first time I took it. So many things that we think are true are only assumed and added to our songs and stories. :)

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