Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas!

Yay! It's Christmas!!! And being that it is Christmas it totally makes sense for me to talk about my house. :)

Here's the deal... We planned to stay home today and it's a good thing. Jason was feeling better this morning but then the fever came back. Poor boy. I took a nap on the couch (for 2 1/2 hours!) and woke up to him snuggling there with me. Sweet boy. So sad that he is sick on Christmas. Anyways... we've been hanging at home just enjoying having nothing to do. 

I realized that I never got around to showing off my awesome red burlap wreath so I'm going to get to that today. :) Let's go back four months ago first...

This is the house when we bought it... minus the furniture...


This is after two weeks of painting and cleaning...


Then we moved our furniture in...


And then I continued with some updates and added Christmas and here is what my living room looks like today!

IMG_2744 copy

*The top piece of the "thing in front of the fireplace" used to be gold. Mike painted it black.
*Fireplace from awful fake looking brick to white.
*Got rid of old tv stand (which was 1/3 of what it was ten years ago... we just kept getting rid of pieces). Mike painted a dresser from Goodwill. I love it!

Those are the main things. I'll figure out how to decorate the room once I put the Christmas stuff away. I have some ideas. I found an awesome clock that I just might hang on the mirror. We'll see. As for now I'll enjoy my wreath that I made. :)

 IMG_2732 copy
I need to cover the back of it in red burlap. I didn't factor in hanging it on a mirror when making it. And figuring out how to hang it was an interesting process as well. I was googling how to tie a nice bow. There is lots of hot glue and pins involved in the final product and I'm just happy it didn't fall on anyone's head!

I really enjoyed making my Christmas decorations. I have a few to add for next year but that can wait for next year. :) I love how everything came together and fit what was in my mind. 

IMG_2709 copy

IMG_2710 copy

IMG_2716 copy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We did even though half of us are sick. And now I am off to each chicken noodle soup... again. Other than a pancake this morning and some meatballs and ravioli last night I have had nothing but chicken noodle soup and crackers since Friday. Pathetic! Good thing I like chicken noodle soup!

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