Monday, December 31, 2012


Yorkphoto has free shipping through tomorrow on orders over $15. I definitely have that much to order and since I spent yesterday at home by myself while Mike and the kids went to visit my family (I'm still not feeling super great) I figured it was a good time to get through some photos, edit them and load them up for an order. It's hard to beat 8cent prints delivered to your door!

Anyways... along the way I found some that I never posted and I love them. So I'll share them now. :) You're welcome.

5-23-2012 prince and princess crowns

This next collage cracks me up. Jason always wore his "protective glasses" from his tool kit while swimming in the little plastic pool because he didn't have goggles. I love him.

6-11-2012 little plastic pool

During one of our visits to my parents this summer the kids were excited to get to ride bikes with Papa. They just followed him around.

7-7-2012 visit st marys

My grandma has a beautiful flower garden...

7-7-2012 visit st marys1

Another visit to St. Marys...

 IMG_8016 copy

Mom always says how she has to be careful what she does because she knows the photos will end up on the blog. :) I figured if I posted the super nice one of her that it would be ok to post this one haha... I just love it. :) It's such a great picture and I love that she will be silly with Liza and Jason.

 IMG_8018 copy

My sweet sweet Liza...

IMG_9191 copybw

Liza figured out how to ham it up for photos. It's always something now. :)

IMG_8276 copy

Cousins chillin' and snackin' after a hard day of play!

IMG_8301 copy

I think I made it through August in my photo order. Free shipping is good through tomorrow... better just keep going!

When is the last time you ordered photos?

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